Rushing Dramaturgy


Rushing dramaturgy

dramaturgy by Iphigenia Rising
Umbrella Project Writers Group Showcase, 2018
The Scratch workshop, 2019

Recommended Listening, Viewing, & Reading

Danielle’s Writing Playlist

The playlist that Danielle put together while writing Rushing. All the songs referenced in the play are included, and then some.

#MeToo Hits Elite Sports

Here’s an NPR podcast that talks about sexual assault in elite sports. It’s not exactly the world that we’re dealing with in the play, but it does address some of the same pressures that our characters are under.

How to Get a Rape Kit

Pretty much exactly what it sounds like.


Kyle Korver and white allyship, Steubenville rape documentary, and marketing female athletes

Start at 25:29 to listen to an interview with Nancy Schwartzman, director of the documentary Roll Red Roll.

The Hunting Ground

Highly recommended viewing — just maybe with a buddy, so you can talk to them about it after.

Dear Colleague Letter

The Dear Colleague Letter that the United States Department of Education issued to all universities in 2011.


Football Movement: Drills & Weights

Bag Drills (2:30)

YouTube video by IMG Academy

Offense Ball Security (3:14)

YouTube video by Wisconsin High School Player Development

Ball Security (2:15)

YouTube video by Penn State Football


Saquon Barkley Combine Video (3:08)

YouTube video of running back Saquon Barkley at the NFL Combine. Skip to 2:09 to watch him bench 225 pounds.

Inside Florida State University’s Training Program (9:08)

YouTube video of FSU’s training program. Skip to 4:54 for a look inside their weight room.

Vertical Jumps and Box Squats (2:22)

YouTube video by Overtime Athletes. Skip to 0:39 for box squats.


Marching Band Movement: Field Shows & Commands

Husky Marching Band vs BYU Pregame (12:38)

YouTube video of the University of Washington Husky Marching Band performing the pregame field show. Notice how during the tribute to BYU, they sneak in a little “Bow Down to Washington” neg.

UCLA vs USC Halftime Show (7:14)

YouTube video of the UCLA Marching Band performing their halftime show: the music of Queen.

Temple University Marching Band - Survivor (2:26)

The Temple University Marching Band performing Survivor by Destiny’s Child. Pay attention to that boring freshman trumpet part in the chorus. The first trumpets get all the fun.


Marching Basics (4:29)

YouTube video of the Western Michigan University Marching Band’s marching basics. This video is sent to all incoming freshmen as they prepare for band camp.

Ohio State vs Michigan - Drum Major David Pettit (6:00)

YouTube video showcasing Ohio State Marching Band Drum Major David Pettit during a 2014 game vs Michigan.

Attention & Parade Rest Demonstrations (1:15)

YouTube video of the University of Wyoming Marching Band members demonstrating attention and parade rest.


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