Upcoming Projects


Upcoming projects


Umbrella Project Writers Group

Umbrella Project has selected me to be part of their 2018 Writers Group and I couldn't be more excited. I'll be working alongside fellow playwrights Meme Garcia, Brandon J. Simmons, and Seayoung Yim and dramaturgs Mario Gomez, Andrea Kovich, Iphigenia Rising, and Rachel Wolfe. The group is being led by dramaturg extraordinaire Sara Keats – who is not only an incredible friend, but also a fantastic new play collaborator. During my residency, I'll be working on a new play about rape and college football. 

Voyagers in New York

Maureen Monterubio and I have been collaborating on Voyagers since November 2016 and, frankly, it's the most optimistic play I've ever worked on. It's also damn difficult to write, but in an epically thrilling / beautifully challenging way. After a workshop of the script in September 2017, I threw the entire script out and started over. We'll be showcasing a new version of the play in New York this November, and with eight (!!!) female characters, including the planet Saturn, I'm really excited about the space this play is starting to occupy. 



Rushing with Umbrella Project

On the other side of the spectrum, I'm working on a play about football and campus rape. Umbrella Project is supporting the development of this play through their Writers Group and with a play as massive as this one – a football team of at least twelve (yes!), a live marching band (uh huh!), and an audience that functions as a rowdy and ecstatic fan base (school spirit, y'all!) – it means the world to have that support system. Rushing will have a staged reading in December. 

Drowning by The Birdwatching Club

Sara Keats and I are co-creating a massively innovative theatre piece using our own long-distance devising method and found text to create a new play called Drowning. For this project, Sara and I are going by the name The Birdwatching Club, a nod to the transformative power of observation and recording that both birdwatchers and theatre makers share. Like birders, our collaborative process begins with a period of measured observation, even when we don’t see a bird at all. We know that there is power in being seen. Though the performances that result from our work may be bold, loud and brash, the process by which we arrive at them begins with quiet observation and active listening. Once Drowning is complete, The Birdwatching Club will disband, leaving the play as the only record that they were here.


 Sara Keats is not only a fantastic dramaturg, but also one of my best friends. I'm really happy that we're working on something together. 

Sara Keats is not only a fantastic dramaturg, but also one of my best friends. I'm really happy that we're working on something together. 

Greetings from Seattle!

I've been traveling for work a lot more lately and sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of me. I'm currently in Seattle, enjoying the sunshine (when I can get it!) and working on drafts of Voyagers and Rushing