Upcoming Projects


Upcoming projects


Voyagers with Maureen Monterubio

Maureen Monterubio and I have been collaborating on Voyagers since November 2016 and, frankly, it's the most optimistic play I've ever worked on. It's also damn difficult to write, but in an epically thrilling / beautifully challenging way. We'll be workshopping a completely new version of the play in New York (early 2019) and I’m excited to dive into the intensely female space that this play now occupies. Oh and did I mention I wrote five original songs for this? More details to come!

Image courtesy of NASA

Image courtesy of NASA

Greetings from Seattle!

I've been traveling for work a lot more lately and sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of me. I’m currently in Seattle, embarking on a major rewrite of Voyagers to prepare for the New York workshop later this winter. I’m also working on a new play that I’m not ready to talk about, but let’s just say it’s very cute.