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Driven to Anger

Last week I saw a play that got me so riled up and angry.

In fact, when I criticized the play on the way home, my friend said “I’m sorry you hated it.” I didn’t hate it. Hating something doesn’t bring out intense emotions and critique, at least not for me. When I tried to relay my same critique to J, who had not seen the play and didn’t know anything about it. In fact, he’d been at work when I was out galavanting around town, seeing free theatre. He was tired. I was tired. And he said, “I’m sorry it was a waste of your time.”

It wasn’t a waste of my time. It wasn’t.

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The Mountain is Out

The mountain is out today.

In Seattle, the mountain hides behind grey skies that we’ve come to think of as normal. The mountain stands in for the sun, because we’re complaining about the sun. It’s too bright or in the wrong place or angled in a weird way or we just don’t have sunglasses yet — we weren’t prepared. And you can always be prepared for a mountain.

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These Seattle winters are making me soft

When I first moved here, I was miserable. I couldn’t stop telling people about my plans to move back to Washington, DC. I had no friends, my relationship was in shambles, and I was working retail in an incredibly toxic environment. And then there was the weather. (The weather, y’all.) It rained roughly 99.98% of the time and in the off chance that it wasn’t raining that day, the sky was too grey or the sun was setting too early or I was seasonally depressed and not willing to confront it.

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